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third exhibition:
Alban Arthan ~ Light of Winter

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Animus artists

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fourth show:
Shambhala at

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second show:
Harvest Moon

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first show:
Cherish the Extraordinary Crystallizing Summer

The third exhibition by the Animus ~ Art for the
World Soul
artists collective, Alban Arthan ~ Light
of Winter
was held in November/ December,
2016, at the Hub in Eskdalemuir.

Contributing artists were:

Ben Fosker
Bill Witherspoon
Carolyn Barlow
Cathy Sidhu (now Cathy Van Hoppe)
Fergus Hall
Jennie Ashmore
Julie MacLeod
Martin Wilson
Sam Samson
Shenpen Chökyi
Trevor Leat

The music of Morag Brown and Lewis Powell Reid
formed a soundtrack to the exhibition.

Alban Arthan is a Druidic term for 'light of winter.'
If spelt Alban Arthuan, it means 'light of Arthur',
referring to a mythical Arthur Pendragon sleeping
beneath a mountain who will one day reawaken.

Given the growing interest in the truth hidden within the
old Arthurian tales, particularly with Fergus's developing
body of work, it felt like an apt name for this show.

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Here are some images from the online
exhibition which accompanied the one in Eskdalemuir,
for which each artist showed two pieces of work.
(Shown alphabetically by first name).

Ben Fosker

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Lion Dish, 2016

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Zebra, 2016

Bill Witherspoon

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mono-print: Series 49.2 Western Juniper, 2016

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mono-print: Series 4.7 Western Juniper, 2016

Carolyn Barlow

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Green Shoots, 2016

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Tiger, 2015

Cathy Van Hoppe

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The Star-Twirled Night, 2016

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Old Man of the North, 2016

Fergus Hall

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Merlin in his Observatory, 2016

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Owl, 2016

Jennie Ashmore

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Winter Trees, 2016

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Galloway Garden, 2016

Julie MacLeod
(Artwork by Fergus Hall)

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Cold Snap

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King Schaw's Grave

Martin Wilson

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Pictish Boar, 2016

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Flaming Tibetan Skulls, 2016

Sam Samson

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The Past, 2016

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Three Yew Fish, 2016

Shenpen Chökyi (Shen)

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Journey, 2016

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Dreaming Lilies, 2016

Trevor Leat

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Let's Dance, 2016

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Willow platter, 2016

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