inside photos

Double bed in the Wailele room

The Loupin room, with guest
Robyn; photo by Fiona Blair

Single bed in the Loupin room

Double bed in the Loupin room

The tiny Swallow room

The even tinier Mousehole ~
before it was painted ~ with
enthusiastic guest, Alex :)

The library, with Shulbuk board laid out

The kitchen

outside photos

Cottage at the end
of a rainbow…

Light at the waterfall

An extremely starry
night at Rennaldburn ;)

View from the backyard

Rennaldburn froglet

Rennaldburn deep in snow,
how I first fell in love with it

Ice and golden light at the burn

A place to slow down and relax…

A wee pond, popular
with frogs and newts…
and guest Iona

Orbs at the waterfall

Alien visitation
oop t'burn

Guest Fiona levitating
above the trampoline;
photo by Robyn Zoe Blair

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A view of the valley from Bessie's Hill, over on the sunset side of the valley; photo by Michelle Oates.

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