Some videos taken in and around Rennaldburn

Often, especially at dawn and dusk, the valley fills with mist dragons.

Here the White Esk is mystically revealed…

A microcosmic journey across one of Rennaldburn's fenceposts.

Midwinter at the Loupin Stanes, overlooked by Ettrick Pen's gentle slopes.

Behind Rennaldburn, you'll find a hill perfect for sledging :)

There's an abundance of wildlife here, but this is the only time I saw a stoat using a drainpipe as an echo chamber…

One way or another, a lot of music happens at Rennaldburn; here's Oisin HendriX with A Song About Everyone.

An ambient piece shot on the hill behind Rennaldburn

Tashi skirting around beautiful winter ice formations at Rennaldburn's waterfall

Baby swallows in the Bothy at Rennaldburn ~ it always feels like a blessing when the swallows come home.

Penny whistle and summer dewdrops at Rennaldburn.

One of Rennaldburn's small guardians taking form in the Swallow room.

Rennaldburn's tiniest room
becomes enlightened :)

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