A bit about me…

I was born in Paisley Theatre, son of the theatre’s resident scenic painter Samuel Hall and Mary Coburn, the all Ireland set dance champion. I was named Fergus after my father’s friend J. D. Ferguson, the Scottish colourist, and was brought up in the artistic environment of 1950’s Glasgow. I was often taken to visit Ferguson and his wife Margaret Morris, the dancer, at their home in Clouston Street and remember him helping with my first drawings.

Having learned my skills and craft from my father I then attended Glasgow School of Art. My early career involved painting for Portal Gallery in London where I had a number of solo exhibitions and some published work which included The Witches Tarot painted for use in the James Bond film ‘Live and let Die’ and record sleeves and book illustration.

Following this early involvement in the world of commercial art I was drawn to follow my growing interest in Folk Art, assembling a large collection of vernacular furniture and artwork in wood, metal and ceramics, much of which was passed on to museums and collectors. The study of this and the culture which produced it remains an abiding interest and is a huge influence on my work today.

Just like Sherlock Holmes, who ~ when asked by Watson where he had been during a lengthy term of absence, replied he'd 'been in Tibet' ~ I spent thirteen years in a Tibetan monastery, not in Tibet but in the Scottish borders. 

Since I began painting again, I've tried to imbue my work with a deeper spiritual understanding, along with an awareness of the living history of the land where I live reclusively with my partner Julie.

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photo by Seth Gardner

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Click the image for an article on my old work by Sid Smith - thanks Sid! - on dgmlive.com

I look forward to hearing from you ~ I'm fergus@fergushall.com ~ but since I’m more likely to be found picking blaeberries in the heather than sitting on the internet, it may be a week or so before I get back to you!

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