I Ching

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My illustration for thunder under earth, return of the light.

With the help of the fundamental principles of the Book of Changes it is possible to arrive at a complete realisation of man's innate capabilities.

This unfolding rests on the fact that man has innate capacities that resemble heaven and earth, that he is a microcosm.

Now, since the laws of heaven and earth are reproduced in the Book of Changes, man is provided with the means of shaping his own nature, so that his inborn potentialities for good can be completely realised.

Ta Chuan / The Great Treatise

Though the Zhouyi is renowned as an oracle,It's also a deeply coherent ~ and compassionate ~ wellspring of wisdom, which has been of huge value and influence to me over the last thirty years.

My creative focus for twenty of those years has been to visually interpret it; card decks are available here, as are illustrations of the I Ching's sixty-four states of change.