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I’m Shen. A heart-felt welcome to Lightworks
gallery ~ the arty branch of :)

(Here's the divinatory branch if that’s what you’re after.)

For me, art is a pulsing, vitalising thread snaking towards
and entwined around the truth which lives at the very heart of
things. A life-line to that fertile space ~ deep and rich with holy
wholeness ~ where we can re-member what it is to be alive.

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As much as creating art serves this purpose for me, my
intent is for it to be a touchstone, a talisman, a faith-
keeper, for others too. (777 more words on this here :)

If you’d like to see my artwork ‘for real’ you’re welcome
to visit me at Rennaldburn, the 17th C. waterfall retreat
where I have my studio and in-house gallery.

I also have some smaller pieces on show locally,
in tiny Eskdalemuir ~ as well as work at Kagyu
Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre, all proceeds
of which go to the Akong Tulku Memorial Trust.

Aside from that, these pages are the only place
my art’s available. (To buy something, go here)

Here are some pathways into Lightworks.
I hope you enjoy journeying down them!

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Buddha nature

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Christ consciousness

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…and here's a bricolage for you to browse.

17th January '18 update: I'm just creating this part of
returntotheway, so if anything doesn't add up, try back soon.
Or do get in touch; I'm

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