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A crane calling in the shade.
Its young answers it.
I have a good goblet.
I will share it with you.

Wind over lake, Inner Truth,
I Ching

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green & blue Kalachakra

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eye talisman

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porcelain stupa

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greengold broach

Though I've always been drawn to creating with light,
my approach to art is unrestricted by medium: I use
glass, watercolours, metal, plants, wood, cameraless
photography, porcelain, stone, video, writing, & whatever
other materia are called for.

My intent is to simply be open to the spirit of
the thing; to what wants to be expressed.

With this free approach, it's liberating in a different way to
be commissioned. The ideas of the person who wants a
piece of artwork form the road along which a vision unfolds,
and a synthesis of the two emerges.

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Do get in touch if you'd like to commission me.

I bring all of my heart to
all aspects of the work, to create
a piece filled with love, truth and power.

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