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There’s a story woven around the origination of every piece of artwork; here are some small tales about the ongoing journey of their creation…

the book of answers, my I Ching based blog, is here.

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3.12 time-lapse &
video of a St Brigid's
cross Imbolc offering

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In which I introduce my
new, improved blog with
a one-minute dream-
painting time-lapse

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3.40 time-lapse of
an angel taking form
to bless & welcome
back the light 21.12

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Feature article for
Caduceus on African
Dream Root & the
I Ching, with a 1.14
time-lapse + 27
illustrations 18.11

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After Shambhala…
including a couple
of videos 06.09

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On the 4th Animus
exhibit + process
pics of my glass
work for it 23.07

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A 6.27 music video
for Emma Gillespie

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2.03 time-lapse of a skylight painting at
Rennaldburn 25.05

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Inaugurating a new,
I Ching-themed blog

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A 7.21 music video
for Oisin HendriX 28.03

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A snowy guest post
by Cathy Van Hoppe 26.02

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First in a series
of dream image
time-lapses 28.01


    Illuminating the Book of Love


    It’s been an age since I’ve blogged about any of my own artwork.

    Though I’ve been quite prolific recently, one way or another, I always seem to be involved in what I’m realising just may be a lifetime process of figuring out just what kind of artist I am.

    With work ranging from camera-less (and, just occasionally, camera-assisted) photography, writing, cast and fused glass and illuminated etching to tree mandalas, house-sized earth-pigment murals and a soupçon of mainly secret songwriting, I sometimes end up oscillating between the ‘time-to-focus-on-one-modality’ view, and the ‘embrace-all-the-seemingly-disparate-strands-as-they’re-beginning-to-form-a-coherent-world’ one.

    I’m beginning to feel more at home with the second option, which requires a deeper faith, both in myself and in life well as continual experimentation with ways to hone in on points of focus within this expansive view so it doesn’t all disperse into the void, stay hovering on the surface or disappear down irrelevant tangents.

    Whatever my medium, I like to think of myself as an illustrator in the original sense of the word as one who illuminates. In this light, here’s a moving illustration I’ve just uploaded...more commonly known as a music video. When I recorded contemporary troubadour Oisin playing this song ~ one of his epic ballads ~ at Rennaldburn last Summer, at a fireside Mabon celebration, I knew it was something I’d like to try to do justice to.

    Let me know if I have!


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