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    the Book of Answers: a new blog on returntotheway


    I'll come out of the closet to say I've been very blocked in regards to blogging; I could blame the tech side, but realise there have been subtler energies at play ~ namely the urge to remain wrapped in a cloak of invisibility.

    Though I'm only just beginning to get to grips with this blog, something's called me to start a new one as well. Unlike small tales, which I somewhat rashly committed to posting every new moon, my only promise for the Book of Answers is to publish it erratically.

    This'll be an I Ching-focussed collection; in case you've landed on here with no intro, the I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes or Zhouyi is a venerable oracle which which I'm creating a body of work around, and which has been guiding me for many decades now.

    You can find out more about the Zhouyi here...

    ask your own question here...

    find out more about the process here...

    and look at all the images I've created for it here.

    My idea is to gradually build up a searchable body of answers from the Zhouyi to questions or dilemmas put to it: though my experience is that asking a meaningful question of the Oracle can be a more direct path to understanding than reading about it, seeing what response others have been given to their questions can begin to give us a real sense of how this mysterious world operates.

    We two-legged beings are all born and die and, in between, navigate our own unfolding and relations with the wider world. Though the specific intricacies of our individual experience are unique, we can all find parts of ourselves in the lives of others.

    Mainly, these queries and issues will be taken from This is a great little site where you can either anonymously check in your own 'emotional baggage', or carry someone else's and add a link to a song. (As the I Ching aptly puts it, music has power to ease tension within the heart and to loosen the grip of obscure emotions.) I'm inspired, too, about the idea of illustrating the answers, as I've found visual art to also have this superpower.

    As well as providing a resource for people interested in having a conversation with the Book of Changes, my hope is these answers help those who originally asked them; to provide help to those who called for it.

    (the Book of Answers blog is here, with this post as an intro. Scroll down & you'll find the first answer, Fear of Loss.)



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