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some photos from
the state of mind
called Bali

    The Zhouyi Oracle

    My creative work with the ancient oracle known as the I Ching, Book of Changes or Zhouyi Oracle has been in progress for many years now ~ in fact there are a now a couple of decades involved :)

    My intent with this video was to give a tiny taste of the spirit of this iconic, enigmatic work and its mysterious origins. The soundtrack, Arms of Old, is another beautiful composition by Emma Gillespie.


    the making of the dream temple

    Here's a time-lapse from some years ago, included here since I didn't have a blog then & still work in the same way, creatively manifesting my dreams where possible.

    I believe that messages from the Divine, when they are gifted to us, require a response: to be honoured and manifested. If we do this, we open up a free-flowing dialogue which continues to deepen the more we engage with it.
    A couple of years ago, I had a meaningful dream with which I followed this process by writing a song about it.
    It only occured to me reccently that I could take this further by actually creating the beautiful object which was the focus of it.
    After doing this, I again affirmed my desire to learn from my dreams and that night dreamed I was in a shop which sold ancient relics, hundreds or even thousands of years old.
    I was drawn to one, which was a figure inside a clay tube open at the top. The figure was obviously beautifully carved, but could never be properly seen as it was hidden within the non-removable casing.
    Although it was almost irresistably tantalising not to be able to see the figure, the meaning was clear: this was a heart-felt offering to the Ancestors which was meant to be hidden, with all the beauty on the inside.
    I wanted to honour this dream by creating this ancestral offering myself, and decided to time-lapse the process on the night of the winter solstice.


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