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I’m Shen, a multimedia artist who for the
past thirty years has been forging trails into
the vibrant lands where art, nature and spirit meet.

The first path I invite you to journey down with me
leads into a rich and mystical realm: the Zhouyi, also
known as the I Ching, Yi Jing or Book of Changes.

This is the world’s most ancient oracle ~ and the way
to truly grok it is not to merely read about it but to open
a direct heart-to-heart connection between you both
by beginning your own intimate conversation.

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To do a divination, write down a question and focus
on it while you choose one of the spinning circles
below: your answer will open in a new window.

For other options, including a detailed guide
to this process, and more about the Oracle,
see the choices at the bottom of this page.

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