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I’m Shen, a multimedia artist who
for the past thirty years has been forging trails
into the vibrant lands where art, nature and spirit meet.

I share them with you here to spark your creative imagination into
forming and exploring your own unique pathways...and the first path
I invite you to journey down with me leads into a mystical
realm rich with meaning and potential.

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Vast in its scope, it’s known as the I Ching,
Book of Changes
or Zhouyi. It's the world’s most
ancient oracle ~ and the way to truly grok it is not to
merely read about it but to have a conversation with it.

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You can do that here. If this is your first contact with Zhouyi,
I'd leave yourself an hour or so uninterrupted time and space:
I’ve found that a dialogue had through the highly distractible
medium of the interwebs can be deeply meaningful ~
but only if treated as such.

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If you’re already friends with Zhouyi and want
to go straight to the divination page, it’s here.

Or if you’re not in divination môde
right now, here are a few other options:

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about Zhouyi

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Animus artists

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say hi

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about me