here be cookies! OK?

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…and welcome to my ongoing
creative exploration and celebration of the
mystery and beauty of this one precious life.

All artwork is for sale ~
I ship globally at cost.

For smaller pieces,
try my etsy shop :)

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Lightworks holds illuminated art
drawn from dreams and visions &
inspired by iconography from the
world's spiritual traditions.

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small tales is my blog,
largely focused on the stories
behind the artworks I'm creating.

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The Rennaldburn pages are
about the beloved 17th century
waterfall retreat where I live,
make art & welcome guests.

Fergus features original art
by good friend Fergus Hall,
who also happens to be a
superb and soul-full artist.

On the Animus pages, you can find a host
of other artists in the artists collective
Animus ~ Art for the World Soul, I curate.

The I Ching oracle is the result of
a creative immersion in the esoteric
world of this ancient text. Here you
can do your own online divination.

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Firey amber cast glass Padmasambhava/ Guru Rinpoche by Shen

Buddha nature

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Zhouyi view

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Large fused-glass Celtic rosy cross with millefiore and gold leaf by Shen (inverted image)

Christ consciousness

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