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I’m excited to share a lineup of in-person art workshops
I’m offering at Rennaldburn from July 2023 onwards :)

My intent is for them to provide a creative engagement with the cycle of the seasons.

Each workshop is for just 2-5 people, on Sunday mornings from 10.30am to 12.30pm.
They are all £35 per person. (i.e. a three-part workshop is £105 per person).

All are suitable for complete beginners: if you think you don’t have an artistic
bone in your body, you will discover the artistry of all your bones!

Kids are welcome, at the same cost, if with an adult.

Workshops can be combined with a
stay at Rennaldburn,
which has its own waterfall and is a short walk away
from Eskdalemuir’s two ancient stone circles.

Reserve your place by paying for it through
PayPal to email

Please use the ‘friends/family’ option, and make
sure to specify which workshop/s you're booking for!

(Just get in touch if you’d prefer to do a bank
transfer instead, or if you've any questions :)

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Corn Mother, painted glass

The Corn Mother and John Barleycorn ~
celebrating plant and nature spirits for Lammas

July 23rd 2023: plant cyanotypes/fused glass plant inclusions
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

July 30th 2023: fused glass plant inclusions/plant cyanotypes
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

August 6th 2023: fused glass ‘jewels’ for Naga offerings/plant cyanotypes
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

Here at the lush height of the growing season, honoured by the year’s
first harvest festival of Lammas, I’m offering three creative workshops:
plant cyanotypes, fused glass plant inclusions and fused glass jewels.

Plant cyanotypes:
This old process by which light-sensitive paper is developed in sunlight
yields prints with a beautiful deep blue colour. Using nothing but plants
and sunshine to create images has an effortless, magical feel.

Fused glass plant inclusions:
This is an alchemical process whereby leaves and other plant materia
are fused into glass. During the firing process, the body of the plant
burns away, leaving a ghost image of it behind.

Fused glass jewels:
Using a wide selection of colours and textures of glass, along with 24 carat
gold leaf, we’ll create a collection of precious gems, which can then be
used in a variety of ways, such as broaches and pendants.

My intent is that some be used as Naga offerings, as these
guardian water spirits are said to particularly like gifts of gems.
(See this article on Nagas by Nicholas Breeze Wood)

These are three stand-alone workshops.

However, since cyanotypes are weather-dependent, if it’s not sunny
on July 23rd I’ll run the cyanotype workshop on July 30th…
and if it’s not sunny on July 30th I’ll run it on August 6th.

So ideally people would sign up for all three workshops,
but if you sign up for one, please only do so if you’re
happy for it to potentially be substituted 🙂

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Padmasambhava/ Guru Rinpoche, cast glass

Gods, Goddesses, Buddhas & Dakinis ~
celebrating enlightened beings for Mabon

September 10th 2023: sculpting in clay & casting in plaster

September 17th 2023: filling the plaster mold with glass

September 24th 2023: divesting the mold & coldworking
*three part workshop: five spaces available*

Here At this time of the Autumn Equinox, and its harmonious balance
of male and female, we’ll be casting depictions of divine beings
and energies in glass with this three-part workshop.

You can either cast from a rich selection of beautiful
Tibetan prayer flag woodblocks, or from your own design.

Note: if you’d like to work entirely from your own design,
please get in touch before the workshop and I can give you some
tips on preparing a piece beforehand. Since creating your own piece
‘from scratch’ would be much more time consuming and each workshop
is only two hours long, you’d need to arrive with a head start!

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Skeledancer, mixed media

Dias de las Muertos ~ celebrating the darkness,
earth and the Ancestors for Samhain

October 22nd 2023: Sculpting in clay/porcelain

October 29th 2023: Adding glass and other elements for a second firing
*two part workshop: five spaces available*

November 5th 2023: Sculpting in clay/porcelain
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

The long nights are truly drawing in now, and the veil
between the worlds is said to be thin at this time, when
the Ancestors and beloved dead are particularly honoured.

This is often still a difficult subject for us, whereas in places such as
Mexico and Central America the Day of the Dead is embraced as an
opportunity for a grand and playful fiesta, as well as a graveside picnic.

Clay is the perfect material to create with to embrace the spirit of this time,
and we’ll be creating flowering-skull themed pieces as well as clay instruments.

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Sol Invinctus, painted glass

Feast of Light ~
celebrating Yule at the Winter Solstice

December 3rd 2023: Jewelled suncatchers and fused glass cards
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

December 10th 2023: Lithophane lamps & candle shades
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

December 17th 2023: Wire sigils/drawings in fused glass
*standalone workshop: five spaces available*

Though all will be dark, cold and bare for some time yet, at the
Winter Solstice the light power has returned and will continue to grow.

So this series of workshops is all about the light
~ and they are all standalone ones too

The first, on December 3rd, is on jewelled fused glass sun catchers
and fused glass cards. The sun catchers can, of course, also be used to decorate
your Christmas tree...and it's always good to have some extra-special Christmas cards

The second, on December 10th, has lithophane lamps and candle shades as its theme.
The term 'lithophane' was coined in Victorian times to describe thin carved or pressed porcelain created
to be illuminated, usually by a candle. There's a beautiful, earthy quality to its golden glow that I love.

The third, on December 17th, just four days before the Solstice, embraces
this turn of the year and the dreams you choose to create as the light returns.

In it, you can create a sigil 'drawn' in wire and fused into glass. I'll detail more about
sigils here soon and can help you with ideas before the workshop if you like, as you'd
need to come with one 'roughed out' already so as to fit everything into the two hours!

If you're not quite in a sigilising space, you can use this workshop to simply
create a wire drawing in fused glass, for which you wouldn't need to prepare.

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